BeProg community

The ability to keep one’s correspondence anonymous and secret recently has become a very desirable skill. Many organizations and IT giants impose their own rules trying to control social and political activities of the people, violating their basic rights such as freedom of speech and choice. Many groups of people are harassed and banned from communicating with each other due to various political or religious reasons.

BeProg is a special messenger allowing users to communicate anonymously and securely. Unlike any other, BeProg messenger does not require any kind of registration or access to telephone number, device ID, contacts, camera, microphone, location, etc. BeProg supports a genuine desire for privacy in communications and grants its users an easy peace of mind that can only be provided by anonymity.

BeProg is organizing a community to unite people from different countries and nations, different professions and activities, different political views and religious beliefs around a single cause – the freedom of speech. Community projects will address issues of the freedom of speech and related challenges faced by an individual and the possibility of mitigating these issues by using BeProg messenger.

The community will become a co-owner of the project owning a part of the messenger's shares.


Previous community online camp

BeProg Community Start


Dates: December 8 – December 20

Activities: 2 hours Zoom sessions 3 (4) times per week

We invite people from all over the world to participate in the community building camp.

You will have a unique experience to be at the start of the new community connected with high performance IT project. Camp participants during online meetings will determine the rules, projects and tasks of the community.


Maria Hose Palacio

+49 1522 6609634


Day 1 - Acquaintance with BeProg messenger

Preparations for organizing the BeProg community have begun! We are grateful to anyone who is helping us to find best ideas for development of the messenger. During our first meetings, we’ve had general discussions about the problems of anonymity and privacy in communications and how BeProg has addressed this issue. How the ability to stay anonymous can contribute to the protection of people’s rights on one hand and to the notion of personal security and psychological wellbeing on the other.

Day 2 - User experience

Camp participants tested all the features of the BeProg: messaging, creating their own channels. The scenarios of using the messenger for anonymous transmission of QR codes, numbers of crypto wallets, simulating event broadcasting for a wider audience.

Day 3 - Ideas

On third day, camp participants came up with possible ideas of using the messenger: its distribution in countries with a difficult political climate, communications on topics that are banned in other social networks. A list of countries has been drafted where the messenger could be better appreciated.

Day 4 - Using a messenger to receive information

On this day, the idea of users being able to submit information anonymously to a single recipient was discussed. Currently, the messenger makes it possible to distribute information to an unlimited number of users via channels. Camp participants proposed the option which enables a number of independent users to send information to a single recipient. For example, with this option, newspapers can collect information from their anonymous readers.

Day 5 - Crypto market

Today was devoted to the options of using the messenger within crypto environment. The anonymity provided by the messenger allows people to exchange crypto assets without providing personal information. During tests and discussion, the option of receiving messages from all to a single recipient was raised again, which allows the recipient to make general requests to all users. Thus, sellers of crypto assets will be able to anonymously carry out transactions.

Day 6 - Building a community

Camp participants formed plans for development of the messenger community, discussed ways to organize groups involved in promoting the project in various countries and areas around the world. This community will eventually become a co-owner with 10% share in the project which, given its prospects, may become a serious growth incentive of our community.